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💥 Unleash the Power of AI in Education 💥

AI is hitting Education – ARE YOU READY FOR IT? | This summit is FOR YOU!

  • AI Explained: Demystify AI and its impact on education. Will it replace teachers? We’ll answer your burning questions!
  • Actionable Strategies: Discover practical ways to use AI in YOUR classroom and school leadership to save time and boost results.
  • Learn from the Leaders: Join Growth Culture, Google, The Warehouse Group and Lenovo as they showcase the BEST AI tools for educators. Cut through the noise and discover what truly works!
  • Empowerment, Not Overwhelm: Leave feeling inspired and equipped to harness AI’s power for your success. Guaranteed time-saving strategies!

Register today and transform your approach to education! Network with fellow educators and industry leaders!


Bex Rose | Head of Impact

Bex is a passionate advocate for education with 20 years of experience in the field. Committed to ongoing learning and professional development, Bex has a strong track record of success, including facilitating Digital Technology for 2 years and demonstrating strong business acumen through 2 years in Business Development for an education-based PD provider. Known for galvanising teams and innovative problem-solving skills,

Steve Smith | Google Education NZ

Steve, a former teacher based in Auckland, New Zealand, is passionate about unlocking potential in both students and educators.

Steve is driven by the question "Why?" He believes that effective teaching starts with clear purpose and that technology, used thoughtfully, can open minds, connect learning, and be inclusive.

For 4.5 years, he served as the NZ Education Lead for Google, sharing his expertise and inspiring educators nationwide. Steve is a lifelong learner who is relentlessly curious about improving teaching and learning.

Sam Gibson | The Warehouse Group

Sam is a dedicated professional with a strong passion for supporting schools in enhancing learning environments and empowering every student's success. With 12 years of experience in teaching, Sam has developed a deep understanding of educational dynamics and effective strategies to promote student growth.

As a Google Certified Innovator, Trainer, and Educator, Sam has leveraged cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches to drive positive change in education. Throughout their career, Sam has held key roles at Noel Leeming Commercial, Google, and The Warehouse Group Business. Sam is driven by the belief that education is the key to a brighter future, and is committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of students and educators alike.

Cameron May | Lenovo

Cameron brings a wealth of experience in the education sector, having spent the last 5 years at Lenovo working directly with schools in NZ. His passion lies in helping educators navigate the digital landscape and find the perfect technology solutions for their unique needs.

Cameron understands the challenges faced by teachers and is dedicated to supporting them through innovative tools. He works closely with schools to ensure their chosen devices are fit for purpose, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

As a father of two teenagers, Cameron has a firsthand perspective on the impact of AI on the next generation. He is a captivating speaker committed to empowering educators and driving positive change in education through technology.


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