PATHWAYS TO POTENTIAL – Learning, Assessment and Behaviour Breakthroughs for Boys

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About the Course

Pathways to Potential – Behaviour and Engagement Breakthroughs

Are you ready to transform the way boys engage and learn in your classrooms? Join us for the groundbreaking workshop ‘Pathways to Potential’, a cutting-edge workshop designed for educators looking to revolutionise their approach to teaching, assessment and classroom management. Pathways to Potential is designed to empower teachers with the strategies and tools needed to foster a positive learning environment, encouraging student engagement and educational success.

Why Attend:

  • Structured Learning and Assessment Techniques: Dive deep into structured approaches and why they are crucial for student success.
  • Assessment of Student Progress: Discover innovative methods to assess and track student progress. Learn how to use these assessments to inform teaching strategies and enhance student achievement.
  • Effective Aromatawai: Learn how to empower boys to cultivate the skills and confidence necessary to build and enhance their personal capabilities, fostering their growth into influential and self-reliant leaders.
  • Research-Informed Methods: Engage with the latest findings from neuroscience and educational research, providing you with a foundation to understand and improve how boys learn.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Understanding Boys in Education: Dive deep into the neurological development of boys and discover how this influences their learning, engagement, and behaviour in educational settings.
  • Innovative Pedagogical Approaches: Explore a range of pedagogical techniques specifically designed for boys, blending traditional practices with innovative strategies to cater to their unique learning styles.
  • Creating Positive Learning Environments: Master proactive strategies to foster a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning and engagement, mitigating behavioural issues and enhancing educational experiences for all students.
  • Engagement and Empowerment: Learn how to motivate boys to take ownership of their learning and behaviour, turning educational challenges into opportunities for success.


Register today to secure your place in this pivotal professional development event, and join a community of educators committed to making a lasting impact in the lives of their students.

Keynote Facilitators

Marshall Diggs

Marshall has a background as a principal, community leader and keynote speaker, Marshall’s role as Director at the Growth Culture Leadership Academy perfectly combines his incredible ability to inspire educators, with his strengths in leadership, coaching and mentoring.

Marshall excels in effective leadership, bicultural leadership, culture-building, innovation, and strategic solutions. A sought-after speaker at national and international conferences, his strengths lie in effective communication, leadership development, and team building. Marshall and his wife are also deeply committed to global impact. Currently, they are pioneering community transformation projects in Australia, Uganda, Fiji and New Zealand in partnership with several charitable organisations including the Strengths Foundation and World Vision.

Keryn Annan

Keryn Annan's professional background is in educational leadership and organisational development, notably in her roles as Deputy Principal and as a facilitator for Growth Culture. Her career is distinguished by a commitment to fostering environments where individuals and teams can thrive by leveraging their unique strengths. Keryn's approach
integrates her deep understanding of educational dynamics with innovative growth strategies, making her a pivotal figure in transforming organisational cultures. Her work emphasizes the importance of a strengths-based approach, highlighting how such strategies can lead to increased engagement, productivity, and overall satisfaction within teams and organizations.

Bex Rose

Bex Rose is an esteemed education professional with an extensive 20-year career that includes Deputy Principal. Demonstrating robust leadership skills, her commitment to continuous professional growth is evident as a previous facilitator in Digital Technology, alongside developing strong business acumen through her role as Head of Impact for Growth Culture Ltd. Known for her ability to foster a positive and collaborative school culture, Bex stands out as a leader who can mobilise her team towards shared objectives and tackle challenges with innovative, creative solutions.

Course Cost

Course Cost – $295+gst

Workshop Disclaimer
Our workshops require a minimum number of delegates to proceed in its intended physical format. Should this minimum not be met, the event may be transitioned to an alternative format to ensure all registered participants can access the content, as well as maintain the workshop’s quality and interactive nature. The decision to switch to an alternative format will be communicated promptly to all registrants. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility. For inquiries, please contact


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