Strength Assessment PLD

Empowering Leaders.
Transforming Communities.

About Strengths PLD

  • Based on Gallup Strengths Assessment and The Habits of Highly Successful Teens, by S. Covey.
  • We leave you with all the resources needed for your kaiako to embed smarter assessment practices and ‘informative assessment’ through the incorporation of the Strength to Strength into your curriculum.
  • We offer our services to assist writing the required funding applications for our programme.
  • Meetings with key staff to discuss and plan the PLD, An introductory lesson with students including the Gallup Strengths assessment.
  • Modelling of smarter assessment practices via the ten customised lessons, staff meeting to present programme content, meetings with key staff to further customise content and effectively measure outcomes.
  • Further discussion and collaboration for the future, designing and building resources, follow up sessions [review and post assessment] with the tamariki.

Topics Covered

  • We all have unique strengths  [Algorithms-Based Assessment]
  • Values as an inner moral compass  [Formative Assessment]
  • The importance of building trust  [Authentic Assessment]
  • Team work  [Performance Assessment]
  • Time management  [Diagnostic Assessment]
  • Grit and resilience  [Self Assessment]
  • Building healthy relationships  [Peer Assessment]
  • Mental wellbeing tools  [Criterion-Referenced Assessment]


  • Teachers and Leaders.
  • Students in Year 5 to Year 13 (content adapted for all year levels).
  • Students who are in, or who are wanting to step into, leadership roles.
  • Students who would benefit from the opportunity to nurture their self esteem and confidence by learning practical skills to develop their leadership potential.

PLD Facilitators

Sacha Garrity

Abigail Uttley

Keryn Annan

Keryn Annan's professional background is in educational leadership and organisational development, notably in her roles as Deputy Principal, accredited Strengths coach, and as a facilitator for Growth Culture. Her career is distinguished by a commitment to fostering environments where individuals and teams can thrive by leveraging their unique strengths. Keryn's approach integrates her deep understanding of educational dynamics with innovative growth strategies, making her a pivotal figure in transforming organisational cultures. Her work emphasises the importance of a strengths-based approach, highlighting how such strategies can lead to increased engagement, productivity, and overall satisfaction within teams and organisations.


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