Dyslexic Support Strategies – Marshall Diggs

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Marshall has a background as a teacher mentor, principal, community leader and keynote speaker, Marshall’s role as Director at the Growth Culture Leadership Academy perfectly combines his passion for teaching and inspiring educators, with his strengths in leadership, coaching and mentoring.

He is a regular keynote speaker and has a wealth of experience providing transformative education training in the areas of effective leadership, culture-building, innovation, strategy and solutions for leaders, and innovative teaching practice. His strengths include effective communication, creating positive relationships, building relational trust, and developing effective teams.


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  1. There were some very good ‘catch phrases’ to remember what was said, like ‘clear is kind’ and ‘show not tell’, to ‘paint a picture with your pen’, and ‘unlocking the visual’. Very good strategies to implement with many of the children I work with. Loved the title “Learning Coach”. Thank you.

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