Follow Up Videos

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We have also included four short videos from our NeuroFIT & LiteracyFIT Masterclass Series (with two bonus extras!)

Each component takes approximately 30-60 mins to complete.


Understanding & Responding to ANXIETY


Understanding & Responding to AUTISM


Understanding & Responding to DYSLEXIA


Understanding & Responding to ADHD


Understanding & Responding to Oppositional Defiance Disorder


Understanding & Responding to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder



2 Responses

  1. These extra videos outlining the above disorders etc have been a great addition to the course PLD.
    Anxiety video was really good as this not only will help with children in class but also my own boy whom struggles with this. Will def be putting what I’ve learnt from these into my every day work and hoping they make a difference with the children I work alongside. Thanks to a great PLD well recommended.

  2. These additional videos reinforced earlier videos and were much appreciated the teaching on anxiety, “the cognitive restructuring activities to break the catastrophizing self-talk” was very good. The physical things to have them calm down, whether breathing, ‘hulk hands’, having movement breaks to help reset their self-talk was informative. The videos of ASD, Dyslexia, ADHD, ODD, and FASD had good strategies to help support these children and give them success in their learning and a lot of information to process. I will be revisiting my notes often.

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