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  1. I am so glad I got to do this course online, this is by far the best course I have done, and in my own time. A great refresher, but also a very informative jam-packed course that has everything you need to know. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and look forward to applying the knowledge that I have learnt in the classroom. My understanding of tamariki with their awesome gifts, is truly why I love what I do as a teacher Aide, I never know what I ‘m going to get and its never the same every day and that makes it exciting most days, so to speak lol, but wouldn’t change it for the world. My quote that I like to think about while working alongside our students is….. ( Looking through the eyes of a wonderful gift!! ) Nga Mihi, Koka Ruby, Teacher Aide From a Little Town called Te Karaka. Cheers

  2. WOW! This has been awesome. Thank you very much for making it accessible online. My favourite part has been detoxing a bad day. This really has sunken in as I will for sure be using the journalling method to help me. I have taken away so many new ideas to put and change in the classroom and to deliver myself.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Each video I watched was dynamic, interesting, and provided many useful tools and tips that I can implement to support my students. Although I already knew some of the concepts covered, I understand that each child is unique, and every new student presents a new challenge. My goal is to ensure that each student feels a sense of belonging, support, and love, enabling them to achieve their goals and succeed along the way.

  4. i really enjoyed it and loved this course and learnt so much that will help me in my job and also has given me alot more info that i can share with my friend and her family to help them with their newly diganosed asd child because they are really struggling so this course for a great chance for me to learn more than i already did. lots of helpful nots and ideas for things that i can share with my co workers at my kura to help all our neuro diverese kids

  5. My notes and the videos will help me remember and continue to learn different aspects of what I have heard today as I com across new situations.
    Thank you for supplying these videos so that I can learn and try to use what I have learnt in my job and in my life, so I can help others and myself. I think that this will be a great way that I can help students hopefully have a stronger sense of belonging. Even Rico’s story of him having a teacher aide, and even though they were not able to see the end product at the end of their time together, it was a great inspiration for me.

  6. I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot of valuable knowledge that I am looking forward to apply as I support my students. I suppose the only feedback I might leave is maybe cutting the videos down into smaller chunks so that getting through the course doesn’t seem as lofty of a goal as info is released bite-sized manageable chucks.

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