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NEURO-FIT TEACHER AIDES Online is designed to equip and support Teacher Aides’ working with Neurodiverse learners. Included in Neuro-FIT is an array of experienced expert knowledge, research, practical skills and strategies AND loads of fun! We’ve put together some fantastic webinars for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, or if you registered as a group, you could meet at your kura to watch together and discuss the different threads.

Welcome to NeuroFIT Online – Start Program

Dawn Wilson – Autism Behavioural Consultancy Ltd

Rico Gomez – Neurofit NZ Ltd | Detox a Bad Day

Rico Gomez – Neurofit NZ Ltd | Supercharge Your Focus

Marshall Diggs – Growth Culture

Follow Up Videos

Feedback – End of Course

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  1. Fully appreciated Marshall Diggs scientific / biological information and Rico Gomez had a vivacious, captivating delivery but found frequent references by presenters to typical Primary School activities not relevant to Secondary schools. I have attended many courses during my long work history in Auckland and found the course cost very far in excess to any others attended. This includes those presented at Auckland University and other well-known organisations that provided certificates after completion of the course.

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