Dawn Wilson – Autism Behavioural Consultancy Ltd

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Dawn specialises in behavioural, social and academic programmes for students with ASD and other disorders.

She believes no child is the same and therefore all her programmes are written based on whats right for the child.

All the programmes are taught on a 1-1 basis and immediately generalised to the environment to achieve the maximum gains for the child. She is a strong believer in professional development and enjoying sharing new concepts and knowledge with others.

Dawn feels it is important that everyone around the child, parents, family and teachers understand the importance of the programme and how to best implement it in all situations.


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  1. This presentation was a massive eye opener. As someone who has never dived into the ASD realm before, I learnt a lot of interesting things from just watching this video. She covers absolutely everything, and the most interesting part was learning about the different types of stimming.
    Loved the video! Something i will be sharing with my colleagues.

  2. As a teacher aide, with four years´ experience, currently working in a high school I found the presentation of little value. It is mainly directed towards the primary school context. It would be helpful to a teacher aide who is just starting or someone who has little knowledge of neuro-diverse students. I do not believe it was value for money.

  3. As a teacher aide working in a high school with 4 years´ experience I do not feel that the content had much value. The course was very focused on primary school students. It might be helpful to someone who has no knowledge of working with neuro diverse students or who has

  4. Absolutely mind blown after watching this presentation. The amount of light bulb moments i had within this video were amazing.
    I have never had much knowledge around children with ASD but this has definitely filled my basket of knowledge moving forward.

  5. I’ve learnt so much from this video. It refreshing to know that I’m doing things right. I must introduce a ‘Get to know Me passport’ to our classroom teacher. I need to invest in a Mary Poppins bag too. Thanks so much.

  6. I found the video to be very educational and helpful. I supported a child with ADS for over a year, and now I understand many things that happened during that time. I found all the information to be very interesting, and it encouraged me to follow some strategies to better support students.

  7. I thought the many examples of Dawn’s kids stories, and the video was really helpful for me to have examples of ways to help students. As an example, I have given a student a stress ball to help reduce his stimming, however I now can see that a) I believe that this type of object may not be the best choice as it is verbal, but also I now understand that even though this bothers other students, I should not be trying to stop his stimming all together as it is a way for him to cope. I can try to reduce it so it still helps him, and bothers others less.

  8. Just finished watching this video and my mind is blown away. I have vaguely known about ASD and I support students with disorders of this nature as a teacher aide but I did not understand the extent what they were dealing with.T his very educational and helpful. I will be adjusting my approach to support. Instead of encouraging student to “calm down” or stick with the program, I will work to advocate for them to their teachers and make sure they feel safe to stim or self sooth.

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