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Detox a Bad Day

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Rico is the director of NeuroFit and co-founder of the NeuroFit Foundation. His background and experience is in psychology, counselling, cognitive neuroscience, pastoral care and youth work. He has coached some of our country’s highest performing athletes, coaches and leaders to clear the mental mess and create long term brain change. His passion is to help Aotearoa get unstuck from the mental chaos & equip them with tools to experience life to the fullest. Rico’s drive for mental health and well-being stems from his own battle with mental illness and being able to overcome the barriers of chronic anxiety and depression.


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  1. This is so what I needed!
    I think it is so important to detox a bad day and to be able to go home after work and not continue to think about what has happened throughout the day. Will be using these strategies when needed!

  2. This was really interesting and I love the idea of a session focusing on how we can process our own bad days so we can all remember that we must take care of our own mental health if we want to give our best to our students. I learned a lot – particularly about the window of time to process/change the memory (fascinating!) and how we can do that. Really useful tools. Thank you.

  3. This presentation is fantastic. Learning how to process those bad days is so relavent not only in my mahi as a Teacher Aide but just in general as a person. It is so true that you tend to forget the bad memories rather than deal or process them. The strategy to process bad days I have used but not in that order. It sure does work. Thanks so much.

  4. The presentation was very interesting. During my work experience, I have learned to remain calm and put myself in the other person’s shoes before reacting. This approach has been helpful for me while providing support to children with autism. I think it beneficial to reflect on my daily experiences and analyze my reactions in different circumstances. I think each experience, whether good or bad, teaches us something new.

  5. I learnt valuable knowledge about the connection between the thinking patterns, how the brain stores those thoughts and how it come to filter every facet of your experiences. It is important to detox your brain of these thoughts in order to live a more fulfilling and honest life– instead of the one you have fabricated in your mind because you refuse to process your thoughts and feeling.

  6. Acknowledging the feelings and thoughts, ask why do I think/feel this way, and then thinking about who I am or who I want to be and acting in that way, is an eye opening way for me to think about how I can deal with situations, and I think it is especially important to also realise that other people are involved so they would have had other situations and things happen to them beforehand, which would affect how they act.

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