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Marshall has a background as a teacher mentor, principal, community leader and keynote speaker, Marshall’s role as Director at the Growth Culture Leadership Academy perfectly combines his passion for teaching and inspiring educators, with his strengths in leadership, coaching and mentoring.

He is a regular keynote speaker and has a wealth of experience providing transformative education training in the areas of effective leadership, culture-building, innovation, strategy and solutions for leaders, and innovative teaching practice. His strengths include effective communication, creating positive relationships, building relational trust, and developing effective teams.


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  1. I find it very interesting that teacher aides can have a positive impact on children’s lives by implementing the right strategies. Recognizing their efforts in a constructive manner can be a powerful tool. Personally, I like to create glow notes at the end of each day to motivate my students.
    I have observed how children deal with time, and I think offering them flexibility in the timeframe of activities can be very helpful for children with dyslexia.

  2. I really like the ‘show not tell method’ as teaching tool to help students expand their writing skills. Advocating for flexible deadlines with teachers for students with dyslexia to extend deadline is also key as time can be a barrier to completion of work because it causes anxiety in students.

  3. I found it interesting that subtle praise is more powerful than bigger forms of praise. I unintentionally can remember myself giving students praise that may have been over the top, so this is something I should think about and try to make it more relational – pick a way to show them I am proud of them, through something I know they like or can relate too and not make it a super big deal.

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