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Rico is the director of NeuroFit and co-founder of the NeuroFit Foundation. His background and experience is in psychology, counselling, cognitive neuroscience, pastoral care and youth work. He has coached some of our country’s highest performing athletes, coaches and leaders to clear the mental mess and create long term brain change. His passion is to help Aotearoa get unstuck from the mental chaos & equip them with tools to experience life to the fullest. Rico’s drive for mental health and well-being stems from his own battle with mental illness and being able to overcome the barriers of chronic anxiety and depression.


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  1. I really enjoyed learning about all the different learning styles as I wasn’t aware of them all and there meanings. I have enjoyed doing a self learning style profile of myself. I have taken away thoughts of how I can help to incorporate all learning styles to the classroom and would love to find a self assessment student friendly for the children to see what learning style they are so they can acknowledge that everyone will be different and learns differently.

  2. Really interesting! Lots of food for thought and I can immediately think of students who fit into most of these learning styles. This has given me a lot to think about as to how I can foster environments to help them focus and learn. Thank you!

  3. It was fascinating to learn how our brains process information. I discovered that I am logical/mathematical and musical. This can be very useful when selecting strategies to assist children, considering everyone is different, unique.

  4. It was interesting to discover that I am very musical and intrapersonal in my processing of information. Since everyone is different it is important to foster environments where their educational needs can be met by teaching information in different ways.

  5. Having ideas for different styles of learning that I can use for different students would be a great way to help individual students and will hopefully help them to become or stay motivated to learn as they can realise that htey can actually understand and learn, and that they are not dumb.

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